The Muster
Clarion Hotel | Williamsburg, VA | Feb, 16-18 | 757.565.2600

Welcome to

The Muster

Feb 16-18, 2018

Welcome Gamers

The 2018 Muster will be a special event, on President's Day Weekend! We plan some big blow-out events, and hope you can join us!.

We welcome all gamers - Miniatures Gamers, Board Gamers, Roleplayers, LARPers, Card Players - we will have room at our NEW HOTEL to support all sorts of games!

We will be having our Flea Market in the Main Hall, on Sunday morning starting at 9am. This is free to all attendees who who like sell/swap any of your unwanted gaming material.

Muster 2018 Theme

The Great War!

Military history

Click the image on the left if you would like to print our flier. Any and all exposure helps. Thank you.

If you would like to see some of the games our GMs are hosting, just view our PEL in the EVENTS section.

Muster Kids Con

We now have a dedicated room with games planned and designed for the new gamer in mind.

There will be 4 main games running throughout the weekend

Battle of the Wildwood: Trouble lurks in the Wildwood as the Weasels seek to rule the Wildwood. The Heroic River Bankers and Wildwooders led by Ratty, Mole Badger and Toad must thwart their evil intentions.

12 O'Clock High: It is 1944 and the 8th Air Force must make a daylight precision strike in the heart of the Ruhr. Command a formation of B-17's and B-24's through swarms of enemy fighters and a storm of Flak to hit your target.

Cod Wars: 1975: The territorial waters of Iceland have been extended to 200 miles, but the British refuse to recognize it. British Cod Fishermen are poaching and the Icelandic Coast Guard will attempt to stop them by cutting their nets. The Royal Navy will attempt to stop it. Lots of ramming fun!

Skimish East End: The Sheriffs have serve papers and everything goes down hill from there.... Lots of fun and chaos as Law Enforcement tries to control the situation.