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Clarion Hotel | Williamsburg, VA | Feb, 16-18 | 757.565.2600

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PEL - Preliminary Events List
Feb 16-18, 2017

The Muster 2018 Program/PEL

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Warhammer 40k - Tournment
Feb 16-18, 2018

Inavasion of Tahnel - A Horus Heresy Event


The planet Tahnel produces minerals vital for starship construction and sits on a key route to Terra. The Traitor assault is focused on several key locations: The planetary capital of Terrox, the Polar Forts, the Industrial islands of Cryptus and Varona, and two space elevators. The loyalist forces are desperate to hold the planet and keep the route to Terra closed!

Army Requirements:

This is a 3-round narrative event, not a Grand Tournament, and fluffy lists are encouraged! Armies will be 2500pts, Age of Darkness force organization. No Primarchs, and the only fortifications that may be taken are bunkers and aegis defense lines. When you sign up please indicate your preferred loyalty. We will try to accommodate you but obviously if we have 12 loyalists and 4 traitors somebody’s going to have to decide that Horus is a good guy after all! Please bring multiple copies of your lists. Ideally 5, one for you, one for us, and one for each of your opponents.

Model Requirements:

We would obviously prefer that your astartes infantry models be Heresy era. Conversions using post-heresy armor marks (especially for artificer-armored individuals) are ok. “Modern” 40k vehicles are also ok, as these were used during the heresy. Non-GW models (especially for Imperial Militia/Solar Auxilia) are no problem at all, as long as they’re reasonable representations of the units they are used for. (No bare-chested Zulu for power armored soldiers please!) If you have any questions about usability please email us!

Painting Requirements:

The Horus Heresy is as much a modeling hobby as a gaming hobby, and we highly encourage fully painted and based models. However, as this is the first 30k event being run at the Williamsburg Muster, models that are not fully painted will be allowed. For a guide on what will be considered “Fully painted” please visit the Warhammer World website for their standards

While we are allowing models that fall below this standard, at a minimum we expect models to be primed with at least three additional colors. We also reserve the right to disallow any model that is not adhering to the spirit of these rules. (IE: if you show up with a black primed model with three colored dots on the shoulder pad and want to run Blood Angels that ain’t good enough!) Every “Fully Painted” model will gain Preferred Enemy- Unfinished Models for the duration of the event. Unprimed/partially built models will be asked politely, but firmly, to go back in their cases. Astartes should be painted as the Legion you use for the event. (No Ultramarines-counts-as-Word Bearers please! Unless you’re running Alpha Legion, those guys are tricky….)

If you have any questions PLEASE email us beforehand! We really are an easygoing group of guys, and are more than happy to help accommodate new Heresy players. If asked politely we might even have an army or two laying around for those who don’t manage to get their army done in time.

Event Special Rules:

Each game will be played in a predetermined “zone” and may have its own special rules. For example, jungle zones may have aggressive plant life, while the polar zones may have blizzards to obscure vision. There will also be a “Tide of Battle” where your accomplishments in earlier games may affect later missions!


War is no game, and the reward of survival should be the only thing expected by the victors! That being said particularly heroic/unlucky commanders may find that they have written their names in Glorious (or Ignominious) letters on the pages of history!

Contact us:

Please email any questions you have to RVA30k


Tahnel is a civilized world close to Terra is the Segmentum Solar. It sits on one of the major warp routes that lead directly to Terra, and produces a variety of hard to find minerals used in long-range scanners and holo-displays. These products are vital to voidship construction, but it is the planet’s position that is critical in the ongoing Heresy. The Loyalists are desperate to keep the traitors from such a vital supply line, and the Traitors need the planet to expedite the final assault on Terra.

Tahnel is a temperate Ocean World that, prior to the coming of the Imperium, was a relatively simple place. The scattered Islands inhabited by a culture that had kept many technologies through the chaos of Old Night. With the coming of the 2nd Expeditionary Fleet Tahnel joined the fledgling Imperium willingly, and has exploited its undersea mineral wealth at great cost to the local ecology in the past two centuries. As the fires of heresy spread it never showed outward signs of supporting the Warmaster, and faithfully supplies the Loyalist forces with materiel. However now that it is firmly fixed in the Traitor’s sites there are some in the Loyalist camp that worry Tahnel may bend the knee rather than face annihilation.

Sitting at is does on a vital trade route the planet has been fortified to withstand even the heaviest of orbital bombardments. Geothermal power is in plentiful supply and each Island boasts powerful void shields, as well as lance and torpedo batteries capable of striking any attacking fleet. Therefore any force trying to conquer the planet will need to rely on ground assault. The islands have a wide array of terrain types, from the volcanic and industrial ash of the primary industrial zones to the jungles of the mid-world island chain and the ice of the polar forts.

As the Traitors draws near all available Loyalist forces have been hastily assembled to defend the planet. A critical phase of the Warmaster’s advance on Terra is about to begin!

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TAGS - BoardGame Room
Feb 16-18, 2018

We have featured boardgames at our conventions for several years and they are always extremely popular! Whether it is an classic wargame, heavy Euro or railroad game - we have players for just about everything Boardgame or Card Game related!

The fine folks from the Tidewater Area Gaming Society (TAGS) are kind enough to support the room with an open library of games for all to enjoy, and plenty of instruction and organizing of tournaments and lighter play! The boardgame room is always open - even late at night - so come by and play anytime!